If this video doea not address it nothing will! For EPSON

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Re: fft81 - I agree!

Petruska wrote:

I hope everyone got his bottom line comment, to forget the custom profiles, the Epson canned printer driver settings, to make a perfect print, just make sure that prints look good to you no matter what it takes to get there!

Bob P.

I didn't watch the video long enough to hear the speaker make that statement. He lost my attention when he confused the concept of correlated color temperature of the lighting with light intensity in the print viewing environment. If he did say something like "forget about custom profiles", then I suppose it's a manufacturer's rep trying to convince more people that inkjet printing is easy and everyone should be doing it. In reality, digital printing can be easy if you have modest expectations and go to Costco or Walmart for your photo printing needs or buy a little wireless dye-based AIO printer and stick with the very easiest color control defaults and OEM papers.

That said, to do inkjet printing at an advanced amateur or pro level is indeed a more complex undertaking, and it doesn't help to trivialize it.  For the person even with well above average intelligence, it can take many years to perfect one's craft at an advanced level involving choice of good equipment, monitor and printer calibration, day to day equipment maintenance and troubleshooting, color management with a dose of color science to understand the concepts, hard won skills with advanced image editing software, ongoing battles with new OS, software, and printer driver bugs, experience with different rendering intents and when to choose one over the other (there are good reasons they all exist), establishing proper print viewing environments (i.e, my print's too dark syndrome), choice and influence of media, etc., etc.

I used to give one day seminars on digital printing. I don't anymore because i concluded that I wasn't doing my audience any favors. What I do instead today is take on summer interns and/or local volunteers who really really want to learn this stuff. We trade their time helping me with my digital print research in exchange for an in depth learning experience re: digital fine art printmaking. I only mention this because some of you reading this comment may be able to find a digital printing expert near you who may be willing to take you on as an apprentice.  It's a fantastic way to truly learn the craft.

For you brave souls who have already taken up the digital printing challenge and hopefully been enriched and rewarded by it, I salute you!

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