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Dhuhallow wrote:

I'm going through old photo prints from 20-30 years ago, and scanning the interesting ones. From memory, most of my prints were produced in the UK by Boots/Jessops, but I may have used others as well. I'm trying to add dates where I can but the memory is not what it was!!!

Many of the images have a code generated by the lab on the reverse of the print. I appreciate that IF there is any date info on the code it referes to date of printing rather than date of capture, but this would at least help narrow down the range of possible dates.

I've tried Googling for this, but the words print, photo etc produce millions of hits. Also tried searching this forum but did not spot any answers but could easily have missed one.

So does anyone know if there are any sites where these codes are translated?

Examples that I've come across are

JES NA0B ANA0 NNN o 9998

1854 7435 NNN N+18

1854 7435 N NNN NB

GYLE 016 0161 NNNN

(This one is probably an in-store - Gyle Edinburgh - lab, The NNNN might also be HHHH)

Any help welcomed.


I think you're going to be out of luck with the date code.

Others have asked this before, and you may want to read this as just one example:

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