Maybe it' my aging eyes, but.......

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Re: Maybe it' my aging eyes, but.......

fotolopithecus wrote:

So far I haven't seen the biting sharpness I expected to see, from the D7100 without an AA filter. Resolution of course is stellar, but I'm still feeling that the shots I've seen here, and elsewhere, are lacking that little extra degree of sharpness that my old D300 had.

So what is this thread 6,212 you've started "doubting" an area in which the D7100 is better?

Two options with this one a) it is sharper b) you're blind. I vote b.

I hear some states have a newly legalized "drug" that might help.

From an image perspective it's a nice step forward from the D7000 & easily better than the D300 generation sensors.

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