FZ200 as a birding camera - my moment of truth

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Re: FZ200 as a birding camera - my moment of truth

Hi all and again thanks for the feedback and constructive advice.  Just to confirm that they were all shot as jpegs, almost all using izoom and then cropped, some heavily.  No teleconverter was used.  One of the trip members was using an FZ150 + the bespoke Leica 1.7 TC but gave up taking shots after a couple of days as, handheld he wasn't getting any sharp shots. My inclination is to take Sherm's advice and start shooting jpeg +RAW and start down the road of trying to up the quality of my post-processing, which might also be slightly de-grading the images I've got.  I do think that if Sherm, or many of you others on this site, had started with my jpegs, we might be seeing a little more detail than I've obtained. If I can't get on with Silkypix, I'll have to try one of the recommended alternatives.

As for the comment that you can tell they aren't shot with an SLR - I'm sure that's true too but I don't think I'm up for carrying a telescope, tripod, binoculars, rucksack, heavy DSLR and spare lenses in high heat any more!! So, this is the camera for me for now, until someone betters it, which will be one hell of a camera when they do.

Thanks again.

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