What is the best m43 for focus tracking?

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Re: What exactly do you mean by focus tracking ?

In the M43 world "Focus Tracking" is a process by which focus is established on a specific subject element, say, a face,  which the camera identifies and endeavours to keep in focus as the face moves about in the frame and maybe moving towards or away from the camera. In my experience this is not a hugely useful feature but some people might find it works for them.

Sometimes when people say focus tracking they actually mean follow focus on a subject moving towards or away from the camera (as in sport/action) using continuous AF and Burst (Lumix) or Continuous (Oly) drive. The EM5, G5 and GH3 can do this reasonably well with careful attention to technique. I have tested both the EM5 and GH3 but would not care to say one is better than the other at follow focus. They are using the same sensor (probably)  the same readout rate of 240 fps and both use CDAF without PDAF,  so there appears to be no pressing reason why one might expect one to be better than the other.

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