Just a few comments on the recent forum controversy...

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Re: Just a few comments on the recent forum controversy...

doto41 wrote:

I've gone through the many interesting thoughts on this thread, and find myself uncertain. On the one hand, I feel very much at  home here, and post shots which I think the 'Leica style' has influenced even though my connection to Leica gear is only through the 'Leica' supervision of the lens on my Panasonic cameras. I was moved by the warmth of support and the rescue mission many friends here showed when my thread was moved and felt I was coming back home, but on this thread I see many here are not happy with non Leica postings, and maybe I'm hurting their feelings which I would not want to do. I don't think I'll ever own a real Leica, so maybe I should become a less active participant here, enjoying and learning from the many admired photographers and refraining from posting my own shots, or only doing it rarely, I am really a bit confused.

with friendship and appreciation.

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Dov, you have contributed to the Leica forum much more than all these people who are raising this as an issue. How many of this good people have really contributed anything to this forum!?

As I said before, it is really ironic that those who never contributed anything to Leica forum are asking for changes! With the kind of changes they are advocating, this forum that they pretend to "love" so much would not be the same!

uch more

absolutely spot on my French friend, I have to admit, that in these few short months that I have been posting my meagre offerings (both Nikon & red dot) I have not seen much, if any, participation, image posting or c&c from these people.

meagre offerings, or stunning images (Hugues, Louis, peter, Olivier and many more), these people are active and keep this forum what it is, they don't just look and then disappear, they have input and without their input, there would be nothing for the viewer to view.

I am not knocking anyone who feels that they can only be a forum voyeur, but I think the forum as it currently exists, would die pretty quickly if it was only occupied by voyeurs.


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