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Re: Use ACID

MisterPootieCat wrote:

I've tried this in the past and fail to see anything in the extracted data that could be connected with the shutter count. There are numerous entries listed as "Canon Camera Info Unknown" and maybe the shutter count is listed there but having viewed a half dozen consecutive images from my G15 even that theory doesn't hold up, they seem to vary too much and in different directions.

If you're of the impression it actually works for obtaining shutter activations maybe you could provide some additional illumination?

Quick update: the viewer does give you information about the file, in my case it was 103-14XX which does match the folder name and current image names. Since I've never reset the file naming or swapped cards I know this is close but it fails to take HDR or handheld night scene images into consideration (the camera fires the shutter multiple times and merges them in camera), my last image is numbered 1455 but I know the actual shutter activation count is much closer to 1500 (or higher) due to this.

Am I being silly or just DOING something silly.. but I got the ACID program and have run it without difficulty on my computer..Browsed for any suitable file to use with it and it does instantly open and run a big list of activities in the large lower window...then it shows a few details in seperate window blocks..but NONE of these seem to show any indication at all of SHUTTER COUNT ..  the only mention of even the file (pic) number is that which of course is shown in the Browse window - obviously it's the one you chose to deal with so must show the same number as it is picked up from your computer (I leave all my pic files with original number and just add suffixes for such as the type of edit most usually. but there sems nothing in ACID which shows the PROCESSED file reference number which could be regarded as some sort of shutter count.. 
Am I missing someting ??

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