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Re: Use ACID

MisterPootieCat wrote:

ericN2 wrote:

Does anybody know what may be the button-presses to find out true total shutter actuations on the G15 ?
I'm buying what is definiitely a used one although totally Mint.. but shutter count has clerarly been Reset in-camera and I'd like to know what is the true activation count.. has anybiody found the button-presses for this...if there is one...

I don't really want to use CHDK as I am not officialy the full owner at this stage until finally accepted .. and of course would like to do it if possible othewise

CHDK Wiki recommends using this application:


Java on my PC is hosed so I can't run it, let me know if it actually works.

Well now ..  since it now seems that VERS.REQ does not work on the G15 because the two required buttons are just not available on this moidel...I'm game for anything that is simple and works.. and had high hopes of this ACID ...
So I've just gone  to the site referred to in the link, got the info for ACID and in fact d/loaded it..It runs fine on my computer and came up very promisingly with a screen of the program waiting for a file. Duly obliged by choosing a file from my old G9..it worked on it instantly and indeed comes up with just about all the general info such as file location/file number/ date and time etc..a lot of others including Firmware of the camera.. but NO MENTION at all of shutter count ...
So it seems to be another dead end alas....

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