Photoshop upgrade no longer possible

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Re: Photoshop upgrade no longer possible

Did the EULA for CS1 specifically say that the license was only good up until, say, 2012 and was invalid after that?

AFAIK the license is perpetual, and if features of the software (such as, checking against a license server) cause it to stop working, then that is in effect Adobe failing to honour their half of the deal IMO (ianal) and so, Adobe's duty to rectify.

However, while licensing and the policing thereof do vary between countries, I believe that a copy of CS at my work (UK), is still running fine, on XP. Perhaps it lacks the checking mechanism, or perhaps if we reinstalled it and it did not authorise, we would contact Adobe and get an activation code or different license number or whatever.

CS2 presumably, did make these checks and so, clearly, did need such a workaround.

Older software running on a perpetual license, simply means that you can carry on doing what you did when you first bought that. There is no obligation for the developer to supply a new version in order to remain compatible with changing operating systems, or to support newer cameras, or newer kinds of ACR, or to do anything other than what you bought could originally do.

IIRC, CS2 was not fully happy even on Windows Vista, in a few rather niggling aspects, for example - you could not select your printer. The solutions at the time were: carry on using it with XP, or pay Adobe to upgrade PS. Adobe weren't in any way responsible for end users people changing their OS - I beleive there were some version issues with MacOS also.

But Adobe are fully responsible for their own license servers, and for how the software interacts with those.

But all the above (the delivery of the software for people who have paid for it) is beside the point, for someone who uses that link in order to run CS2 without any license to do so. That was the point of my previous post.


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