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Re: Mathematically, a square sensor...

Mr Physics wrote:

...puts the most sense-cells in a "good place" and would give you a file that you could have more freedom to compose an image. If we assume the center of the image circle is the best in terms of clarity then a square sensor makes sense (no pun...). If we assume that the image quality is equal across the whole of the image circle, then we make the most of that uniformity with a square sensor.

As others have already said:

You utilize most of the image circle if your sensor has the same aspect ratio as the output.

So if your output is 3:2 instead of square, you end up wasting more of the image circle than you would with a 3:2 sensor. In fact, the 3:2 photo from the native 3:2 sensor will utilize 38.5 % more  area than the 3:2 photo from the square sensor. Mathematically.

A lot of people seem to think that they will just get more height with a square sensor. They forget that they also get less width.

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