Photoshop upgrade no longer possible

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Upgrades are still offered

It is amazing indeed how this thread goes on, but it is sort of Internet in a nutshell. Though the OP was incorrect, and has been shown to be that several times, most posters don't read much of the thread and just step in with one of the following:

- Adobe is bad and greedy [it may be so, but not for this reason];

- There is an alternative

The best one I think was the poster who described his needs: about Photoshop 4, not CS vintage, so no need to upgrade at all, but then went on to say that he would take his [non]business away from Adobe.

This is how internet misinformation gets perpetuated. The bad thing is that it makes it very easy for Adobe to deflect criticism of their present policy by only reacting to the sort of incorrect claim made in the OP.

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