:-)) Sunday Cat! #287 31st March 2013 ((-:

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:-)) Sunday Cat! #287 31st March 2013 ((-:

Gidday All,

We have had cool cats and hot cats; Canonical cats and Olympian cats; African cats and American cats. There have been Meerkats and mere cats; moggies and high class cats; almost cats and some that I suspect were not really cats at all like that ring-tailed cat that was 'lost', inside cats and OUTSIDE cats; BIG cats and little cats...

Photos can be more than just art, they can be memories, so come share your picture and stories of your feline companions with us Come one, come all; all cats and cameras welcome. Add your favourite cat shot to the collection. No time limits, taken any time, any place, any camera.

Thank you for joining us

Welcome to the Sunday Cat!, brought to you from around the world by the loyal team of regulars every Sunday since Anton AK first started the thread on 23rd Sept 2007 and so faithfully continued by John King from 10th August 2008

if you come any closer with that camera I will scream!

Anyone caught peeping at the EXIF data for camera makes and models will be given a flogging with a cat-of-nine-tails ...

AND BTW folks: The Sunday Cat! will (mostly) start when it is still Saturday in the rest of the world, Auckland being GMT +12 hours ... So it is still only around noon "last" Saturday in Hawaii (just for example ... ). With the only preferred rule being no criticism, of course it's OK to give constructively if the poster specifically asks for it; otherwise the above-mentioned rule applies... It's OK to mention what camera and lens you took the shot with... if you like. Love the Cat! thread... Like our beloved companion animals, an opportunity for a romp in the sun, and also to remember those who have so affectionately touched us.

The weekly news ...

Dusty has been given a pet mouse, which, every time i try and get him to play with it, he totally ignores. however, i has just started turning up in unusual places, and i thought that Dusty had been the one playing with it when he was bored, but now, i think it's just my flatmate!

Thanks, as always, to the regulars from around the world that maintain this thread. This is truly an international exercise each week, and we appreciate you all!!

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