Who's going from m4/3 to dSLR or vice versa.

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Re: supeirority complex of dSLR owners

amalric wrote:

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I can only think that the OP was a remaining doubt from an expat of the celebrated 1022.

It is difficult to give up the sense or superiority one had in those exalted heights

As said above there's no final choice. In fact for those who need them m4/3 and FF 135 together make a lot of sense.

What doesn't is to go back to 4/3, Micro being so much more flexible, having two makers and a lot of third parties.

I also assume that when Sony and Fuji, perhaps Panny will have mirrorless FF 135 systems, going back to dSLR will be totally a matter of nostalgia.


Its more like inferiority complex of mirrorless owners. Every 2-3 day you see a thread here in m43 forum where users are consoling each others about how good enough their gear is compared to dslrs. Also these threads talking about how mirrorless are catching ups and all. They are too worried about what others have.

Yes v. true, we are pestered by wimps of both camps. But there is a difference - dSLR diehards hace always come here to wreck discussions.

On the whole it is a culture of bad from, fed by the bad habit of ordering and comparing cameras without really buying them.

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