EM-5 out for 14 months now, a little long in the tooth?

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Re: EM-5 out for 14 months now, a little long in the tooth?

Sean Nelson wrote:

KCK14 wrote:

How things have changed.  The Olympus OM-1, probably the best camera they ever made was sold in several slightly  different flavors for 15 years - 1973 to 1987.

While all the technical innovations are terrific, I kind of miss the old days when you bought a camera and expected it would last for a decade or more.   I still have a couple of Rollie twin lens reflexe cameras built in the 1950's that still work just well today as they did several decades ago.  No proprietary batteries to ensure planned obsolescence!

I'm actually pretty pleased with where cameras are today and I don't really see a pressing need for a whole lot more technical innovation.  It may be time for camera manufacturers to slow down the product release cycle to, say, once every 2-3 years so they can amortize their development costs over a longer sales period.  It's one of the ways to improve profitability in a market that seems to be struggling right now.

Why should they slow down? What you're proposing doesn't make any logical sense at all. Olympus' competitors aren't going to slow down. If Olympus slows down, not only will they hurt their marketshare, but also profitability as consumers buy their competitors' products.

Also I take issue with your comment about the advancement of technology. It's absolutely ridiculous to suggest the industry should slow down just because you're satisfied with the state of the technology. It's so stupid that I don't even know of any other word to use to describe those opinions of yours. There's always room for improvement and no one should slow down just because some random guy is happy with current technology.

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