Nex 6 just not sharp?

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Re: Nex 6 just not sharp?

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

forpetessake wrote:

danny006 wrote:

With the Canon you used the flash which always give sharper pictures, also very close at 19mm.

And Canon kitlenses being better than Sony is not true.

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G, every testing shows it's true. The NEX kits are pretty much awful, the only worse kit lenses I've seen were Panasonic. It's not just my experience, Thom Hogan said pretty much the same: "The low-end crop sensor DSLRs are the only ones that stick above that declining demand curve, and you’ll note that those kit lenses for them are pretty darned good. In short, the optics makers are putting their money where the demand is."

I disagree although can't speak for 16-50. The 18-55 on my NEX-3 is pretty darn good for a kit lens, among the best I've seen for an APS-C kit lens.

You don't need to guess, that lens was tested by various independent reviewers, all coming to the same conclusions.

Of course, what is and is not sharp is subjective, some people may only look at 0.5 MP pictures. For my purposes anything under 1500 lph is not sharp for large screen TV viewing, and anything under 2000 lph is not sharp for viewing on monitor. The 18-55mm lens is poor in both cases:

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