Why is Nikon so slow at fixing botched repairs?

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Re: Why is Nikon so slow at fixing botched repairs?

michaeladawson wrote:

Where are you located?  I just sent my D800 in for service to the LA service center before the warranty expires.  I complained about back focus and asked them to examine the left AF point as my camera was shipped first day of the release.  Repair was B1 and they listed all the tests they did.  Camera was back in my hands in about 11 days.

Wherever you are sending yours there seems to be a history of long waits.

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Mike Dawson

If I understand it corectly Nikon USA has stopped selling parts t third party repairers in the last few months.

Perhaps the work load at some service centers has increased more than at others.

E.g. if you were in an area with denser popultion, you'd expect their to be more 3rd party reapir shops, bigger market.

So when the work that was going to those shops goes to that region's Nikon service center that service center suffers a bigger workload hit, than a less densely populated area, where their were fewer 3rd party repairers and therefore a smaller increase in workload for that region's repair center.

E.g. the west coast Nikon center might have only suffered an increase of say 30% more work due to shutting down the independents, but maybe the easy coast center suffered a 60% hit because independents were taking more of the load.

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