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More of This and That

Last week I looked and read sanjaykool's Koel entry and the description made me think of our unrelated and somewhat unpopular Brown Headed Cowbird

Male Brown Headed Cowbird

Female Brown Headed Cowbird

Like the Koel, the female lays her eggs in the nest of other birds. The host birds often raise the young cowbird to the disadvantage of their own young. Sometimes the foreign egg is recognized and pushed out of the nest or buried in the nest. When rejected, an observing cowbird parent may take exception and destroy the nest of the host bird. They do threaten the existence of some song birds.

And thinking about unpopular birds reminds me that I watched two Turkey Vultures land in my Oak. Watching them land even 50 feet up is an impressive sight as their wingspan is easily 6-8 feet across. Since they have landed I assume that they are now our neighborhood vultures.

Turkey Vulture

They do clean up after us. We have an oversupply of squirrels in my neighborhood and they sometimes run out at inopportune moments when our autos are about. Not being very neat creatures we tend to leave the results of our encounters in the streets and the vultures are kind enough to clean up after us, keeping us healthier than we might be. ..

Finally, remembering our recent sentinel – the Northern Mockingbird – who for two years defended his holly tree against all other birds.....

Northern Mockingbird

He apparently ran afoul of out neighborhood Cooper's Hawk as I found only his tail feathers under the dogwood tree. The Robins have now stripped the holly tree of berries and we await our next Mockingbird who will reorganize all the other birds in the yard and keep them in line.....

I have to admit that these birds, and others who play out their dramas, are what makes yard birds so interesting for me. Thanks for taking the time to stop by......

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