Rumor: Possible Canon EOS 7D Mark II Specs

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I'd hope for at least 2 stops better noise, 3+ would be a no brainer.  Adding RF flash support would be great.  Agree better/more consistent AF performance would be a big draw.  Given the size of the body dual card slots would be nice, dual CF or CF and SDXC would be nice.

Why do so many want more from a 7D when its available already????????

Sorry, but when WHAT is available already?  Are you suggesting that the 5D or 6D are straight replacements for what would be the successor to the 7D?  Really?  So, if you're looking for an improvement in high ISO performance, maybe.  In all other respects... focus system, reach, FPS, lens cost... and so on, the 7D as it stands now is better (with the exception of the focus system in the 5DMk3, but look at the price difference).  So, for many (perhaps most) of us, neither the 5D/5DMk2 or 6D would be an acceptable substitute for either the 7D or its successor.

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that's the main problem with the 5D III and 6D praisers - they think 6 fps is already fast enough for action and the AF is all that counts . . .

In fact you need to "cluster" the photo activities.

If you need a sports camera probably the 1Dx is arguably the best consensus of all DSLRs in the market - yet it is a too heavy investment for most photographers - thus a 7D II would fill this gap perfectly with a high FPS rate and a new  sensor technology that rivals the current ff results up to ISO 3200 (that would be sufficient for my needs for action and sports)

On the other side there is the carefully and deliberately work from tripod with careful manual focusing e.g. with tilt and shift lenses at ISO 100 where the 6D and 5D III bring no advantage over the 5D II

So both new ff cameras are a welcome addition to the Canon lineup but almost no advantage for things I can't do with the 5D II now.

the rumored 7D II would be that kind of tool that enables completely new tasks but only if it gets an all new sensor technology that exceeds the current setup significantly - otherwise I will skip that camera too.

I really do hope that Canon releases some of their research work instead of maintaining their sensor line for years plus enhancing their signal processing only.

Clearly saves money for new lenses

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