Who's going from m4/3 to dSLR or vice versa.

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Re: Who's going from m4/3 to dSLR or vice versa.

sderdiarian wrote:

Francois Du Nord wrote:

sderdiarian wrote:

It's gotten to the point that when I see a big black DSLR with its large lenses it looks like something from a past era, much like LP's looked after CD's came out.

Hey! Some of us still have those LPs and cherish them

Truth be told, still have a closet full of them.  But now even CD's are antiques!

Exactimo. Mirrorless is also going dodo like dslrs because of cellphones picking up on IQ.

What would be the reason of getting mirrorless when cellphones would do the same in much much more smaller package.

Give another 10-15 years for say cell phone type devices to be good enough. In those 10 - 15 years , at least another 5-7 years dslrs are here.

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