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Compared to Nikon's VR, does the VC in your copy of the Tamron tend to keep working for "a while" after you let go of the shutter release button? The copy that I am currently testing out exhibits this on my D300. I plan to do more testing to find out if this occurs with AF-C and / or AF-S modes. Also, have you noticed that the VC was a little noisy (compared to VR-II)?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.


Hi Wayne...

Sorry for the slow response.

I just put the Tammy on my D800 and found the following:

1) After releasing the shutter button the VC stays engaged for about a full second! I never noticed this before. 1 second is a long time and I never noticed it before. So next I put the 24-85vr on as it's also a consumer zoom and the VR also stays engaged when the shutter is released, but I'd guess it's more like half a second. I can't see how it would effect anything, except maybe the VC will wear a battery a bit quicker.

2) The Tamron's VC is louder than VR on any of my lenses. It makes a "whirring" sound; nothing objectionable, but easy to hear when I'm shooting. The 24-85vr is at least 50% quieter. Oddly, the 70-200 VRII is louder than the 24-85vr when engaged.

Have a good weekend!



Thanks for the feedback. That's what I was experiencing too. If the VC noise and shutoff delay is "normal" then I may keep this copy (because I like the glass). I was planning to try another copy. But, after reading that your copy has the same operational "characteristics", I may just try another outing with the current copy. Also, a call to Tamron Service may be in order see if this is "normal".

Saturday evening (30th), I finally had the chance to take a better / closer look at my first outing from this past Wed (27th) with the Tammy. I was pleasantly surprised at some of the images. I saw much more detail than I was expecting. I just had my 70-300 VR serviced by Nikon Melville. They did an excellent job on the lens and it is working "the best it ever has". It's even very good from 200mm through 300mm (which was a nice surprise). However, after comparing the shots from Wed with the Tammy to Saturday's shots with the Nikon, the Tammy clearly beat my Nikon. The images had detail that I hadn't seen before when shooting geese and ducks with the Nikon. Some of "my geese" get very close because we have spent a lot of time together. So, I can get a lot of detail - in their eyes, serrated beaks, and of course their feathers. Also, I sometimes use my Sigma 150 f2.8 non-OS macro with these geese so I know what good glass can do. The next outing with the Tammy will be with it "AF Fine Tuned" to the D300. The first outing I had just received the D300 back from APS after cleaning, checks, AF calibration, new grips. So, the Tammy wasn’t tuned to this body. It needed -5 AF FT adj.

Anyway, new info - new strategy. If I do contact Tamron Service and get an answer about the VC stuff, I’ll let you know. Thanks again for the follow-up.


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