First Week w/ 6D....from 5D Mk II

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Re: First Week w/ 6D....from 5D Mk II

PeterY wrote:

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PeterY wrote:

You probably won't notice too much difference in good light but the Dynamic Range improvement alone in the 6D over the 5DM2 for me is worth its weight in GOLD. It is a HUGE improvement. This means much less in post for me. The high ISO performance is great.

Just because I used flashes to light up the interior doesn't mean that DR cannot be tested. Look at the outside window details. With the 5DM2, I would have to blend 2 shots to get that. Isn't that DR??

Once again, I really like my 6D as well. With that said...

As someone else mentioned, while the dynamic range is a little better on the 6d, the difference is negligible (12.1 vs 11.9). So why then are you getting better lighting?  Is it only the 6D with 0.2 difference in dynamic range?  Probably not.  My guess is that your lighting skills and/or camera metering has gotten better than before. I don't know how long you had your 600EX, but that could be an improvement over the 580exII as well. Lastly, the 6D files you uploaded shows that they were still edited in CS2 Windows. I didn't think that CS2 can convert 6D raw files, but if I'm not mistaken, you used a different raw converter (DPP?) and CS2 to edit. Either way, it's not straight out of camera to test dynamic range.

I think you did a great job and any realtor would be happy. I'm glad that it's easier take pictures on the 6D and it requires less pp. But the dynamic range on the 6D does not worth its weight in gold, nor is it a huge improvement.

Yes I use DPP and CS2 but I know what I see. I know I couldn't have gotten this with a single shot with my 5DM2. The sky and the shadow details:

I am constantly amazed at people who take DXO's numbers as undisputed truth. I tend to believe people who have actually used the cameras in similar circumstances.

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