Lens dust and legal threat.

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Re: Lens dust and legal threat.

miked58 wrote:

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miked58 wrote:

Perhaps some forum members can suggest sensible ideas.

I sold a used lens in mint condition, unmarked and fully functioning. I did the usual check and ensured no visible dust or fungus, went over every feature etc.

Several weeks later the recipient is threatening legal action unless I refund the entire money. They complained dust was now visible in the lens.

They said the dust had been there for years and that a shop had verified this. My response was I believe fair and I can not see how you determine when dust entered. I have offered to get the Canon service Centre to look at it if necessarily at my cost.

The purchaser is aggressive and not prepared to consider anything but a refund or legal threats.

Did you sell with a warranty? If so, for how long. Typically, used equipment is sold as is, or only a few days are allowed in which to return the item if the buyer is not satisfied. Several weeks is a long time to expect a refund unless that time period was specifically stated.

I'd probably tell him/her to take a take a flying leap......


PS, I too would like to know how one determines how long dust has been present.

I sold as used item but preferred them to  pick up and also subject to full inspection prior to payment (The purchaser selected to receive by post instead) . I always do this so that there are no nasty comebacks. I have had excellent feedback until this person!

My worry is if they have abused the lens and I refund there may be other damage..then I have no recourse to getting money back judging by their demeanour..

What was the value of the lens ? Id be more inclined to call his bluff and say NO , the item was sold as is and if there was a problem he should have gotten back to you in a timely manner, Id say 7 days after he recieved it would be plenty. Even if he purchased 2nd hand from a store it would be lucky to have 30 days warranty/ return. If you sold it on Ebay his recourse is to open an item dispute, and, if its been that long since the sale then that period is probably expired as well. As long as you didnt misrepresent the item in any other way, eg saying it was so many years old but the date code proves otherwise then he would have a hard time doing anything about it.

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