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Re: I totally aggree...

Mr Physics wrote:

john Clinch wrote:

High iso started to top out on the D300. DR jumped on the D7000 thanks to a lower iso setting.

I'm not sure that much more can be done in a sensor this size

...that we have seem to have reached a plateau in terms of sensor response to light.  If squint my eyes at DxO's DR chart with the D90, D7000 and D7100, I don't see much of a difference. It looks as though if Nikon choose to extend the ISO range of the D90/D300, we could extrapolate the DR graph to see that the 12mp sensor would be in the same range or the D7000 and D7100. The only real improvement was the addition of a real ISO100 setting and the added range that the extra light gives.

We can only see a dramatic improvement when we compare a later generation, say the D70, against the D90 or newer. And we can see it in the files more easily. To "see" the difference between the response to light from a D90 to a D7x00, you have to measure it with apparatus sensitive to these specific measurements. We all would hard pressed to determine which print was the result of which machine, no?

I have a Physics education as well and I don't see how we can apply Moore's the these devices that record visible light. They are only improving at a snails pace now...most of the recent improvements seem to be firmware refinements and smoke created in the marketing department (e.g. 24mp).

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24MP ain't smoke from the marketing department if it's done with care, but yes, at the per-pixel level we've plateaued.  The only path now open to the purveyors of Bayer is in supporting advanced processing algorithms with high density sampling, and I suppose we have to get used to the idea that we have to evaluate these cameras at the rendered print stage rather than at the individual pixel (initial capture) stage. In this sense a weak form of Moore's law can still apply to the extent that deep-submicron photolithography will support further high-quality sensel scaling; but emphasis on weak.

Remember too that the D7100 is offering better color accuracy and depth than its predecessors. A subtler metric than simple DR, but a very important one, particularly for portraitists.

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