Has the X20 met or failed your expectations?

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Re: Has the X20 met or failed your expectations?

Nukunukoo wrote:

tron555 wrote:

And you think that noisy, colorless, worthless, no detailed image is worth bragging about?! Come on, surely you can do better than that, or maybe not.

I posted some other images AND pointed out WHY I am impressed with this particular one. But obviously with your trolling style you have very little to contribute and thus is a waste of all our time. You deliberately picked the worst of the bunch and gawked on it withoit having the intelligence to read its context.

The problem is though that you don't have to look far to find problem X20 images. I posted 100% crops of the 2 images uploaded by Mickey LeBeau which illustrated the much talked about 'watercolour' effect and lack of detail in low contrast areas. Not the photographers fault.

And here another posted by Lmendy above:

It really surprised me how bad this looks for ISO200, 1/900 sec shutter speed in bright sunlight.

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