Lens dust and legal threat.

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Re: Lens dust and legal threat.

miked58 wrote:

Perhaps some forum members can suggest sensible ideas.

I sold a used lens in mint condition, unmarked and fully functioning. I did the usual check and ensured no visible dust or fungus, went over every feature etc.

Several weeks later the recipient is threatening legal action unless I refund the entire money. They complained dust was now visible in the lens.

They said the dust had been there for years and that a shop had verified this. My response was I believe fair and I can not see how you determine when dust entered. I have offered to get the Canon service Centre to look at it if necessarily at my cost.

The purchaser is aggressive and not prepared to consider anything but a refund or legal threats.

Did you sell with a warranty? If so, for how long. Typically, used equipment is sold as is, or only a few days are allowed in which to return the item if the buyer is not satisfied. Several weeks is a long time to expect a refund unless that time period was specifically stated.

I'd probably tell him/her to take a take a flying leap......


PS, I too would like to know how one determines how long dust has been present.

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