30" Monitor or Dual 24"

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Re: 30" Monitor or Dual 24"

Mark K wrote:

Jazr wrote:

I need to go to a real calibrated monitor now and have decided to go the Wide Gamut approach.
Now I'm debating whether to get a single Dell U3014 or dual dell U2314.
It's been awhile since I used dual monitors and it was great for video editing.
I'm not sure I'll like it for Lightroom and photoshop, having to bounce my gaze back and forth.
Having no experience using a dual setup for PS and lightroom I'm looking for opinions.
The pixel density is also nice on the 30"

How about a 27" and a 23" I have been using dual monitor over ten years and my current combo gives me the best I can do

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Mark K

Same here I use an APPLE 27" 2560x1440 and a DELL 22" 1680x1050. Like some others have mentioned here, there are benefits from having tools and other paraphenalia on an extra screen! Even second hand 19" would be great!



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