Why Exposing to the Right (ETTR) is BAD!

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Re: Why Exposing to the Right (ETTR) is BAD!

bugzie wrote:

Yes, exposing to the right does not mean blowing the highlights! The problem with the internet is any idiot can write an article without understanding the basic principles of what they're attacking. He is correct however in that if you don't understand how ETTR should work and when it works, you should avoid it. Especially if you think it means over-exposing the highlights!

You forgot to read the part where I mentioned printing on location, showing your photos to your model or client as you're shooting them (they would be too bright to show if shot in RAW and way too bright), you also forgot to mention that shooting in a non controlled environment ETTR becomes a risk especially an event such as a wedding, you also forgot to mention how I mentioned that ETTR can mean making flash photography over complicated.

Sure ETTR does have it's place in controlled environments when you can set the exposure (without worryying about strobes and balancing ambient) and don;t have to change it BUT when shooting with flash or at events or places where exposure needs to be constantly changing in camera and there are candid shots to be taken FOR ME ETTR makes no sense.

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