Slow focus on 6D

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Re: Slow focus on 6D

howard39 wrote:

toyak wrote:

I have not had the issue. Are you using Canon lenses? My Tamron has an issue on the 6d.

Good question:  Yes, I'm using a Canon 24-105L.  I used this lens on my old 40D with no problem.


I have the same two camera and lens. I just pulled it out and tried it in my dimly lit living room. I found no significant difference between the two when the target has some contrast. The time it takes depend on the previously focused / current focus position.  On my no contrast carpet, with only weave pattern it does spend quite a bit hunting over 2 seconds, which the 40d takes 1 second. I have a theory, I have noticed this on my previous Canon (G1/G2.) The 6d has quite a bit lower missed focus shots than my 40d. My theory is the 40d gives up focus faster than the 6d (or the 6d got it focus.) Next time, do a quick full depress on both and then look at the photos on the computer. Do they both focus equally well?

I have been comparing my photos from the two cameras with my non-L lens and found when 40d is given the time, the photos are sharp. Quite often, my indoor shots are soft. I used to blame the lens. Well, I found my "crappy" 28-135mm takes fairly darn sharp photos on my 6d. Let me know if you experience the same.


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