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Re: Future of Pentax?

noel2 wrote:

Many years ago, having invested in a number of excellent A* Pentax lenses, I was waiting for Pentax to look foreward and enter the digital mode to do justice to the quality of its optics.

I then seriously considered getting rid of my Equipment and following the more progressive and "market oriented" , though more expensive and less "photographically" oriented competition.

I have nevertheless remained with Pentax up to now. I still use the A* lenses - which are among the best ever produced for photography - and use them with the available APS-C bodies that Pentax produces.

But, if Pentax does not follow the trend to use The FF sensors that are becoming available, and capitalize on its older experience, I am very pessimistic as to the future of the company to keep a good place in the current market.

I have been recently looking at a number of internet retailers for photographic Equipment, and Pentax has disappeared from from their offers (it was formerly in their catalogue). It is not a good sign for the future - and requires an answer.

It is all quite simple. The future of DSLR photography is FF, and the future is now. The APS-C sensor will dominate the mirrorless camera market, and the future of micro 4/3 is in doubt.  Olympus insists that it will still be making DSLR cameras with 4/3 sensors, but there has not been many new models in recent years. Further, Olympus is in financial trouble because its cameras just aren't selling.  If Pentax continues to drag its feet on FF, then it too will follow the path the Olympus is heading.

Yes, there have been two camera companies that have gone FF and folded, but they are the exceptions rather than the rule. Contax and Kodak both had problems with high noise levels at high ISOs.  They couldn't tame the noise, and they folded. Pentax has shown with the 645 that it can handle high ISO noise, even when building a camera with a medium format sensor that is notoriously bad at high ISO settings. Therefore Pentax would definitely make better FF cameras than either Contax or Kodak. Finally, as Neil Young sang, "it is better to burn out than it is to fade away."  Pentax is so scared of burning out with a FF that it may just fade away by never releasing one.

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