How much is expensive lens for you??

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Re: How much is expensive lens for you??

Joseph Prawiro wrote:

1.How much in an expensive lens??

My most expensive lenses were both roughly $350.  A Sigma 17-70 OS for a Nikon APS-C mount and the Panny 20mm.  The Sigma was a bargin, the 20 I like but I think for $350 they should release a mk2 with some Nano coating and faster focusing.  On the other hand I can actually take non-flash photos inside on a m43 camera and I've never been able to do that.

One of the other posters pointed out that m43 lenses are not more expensive then 1st tier current options from the other major manufacturers.  I'd agree with that - but that doesn't mean they're not expensive.  To me, the absolute price of the lens matters as well as the relative price.  I don't see myself paying $1,000 for a lens.  Well, unless it was for a full-frame camera and I've already gone over into crazy prices land.  That's not really me though.

m43 also doesn't have the lens history that the Canon, Nikon or Minolta/Sony mounts have where you could buy the 5/10-year old f/2.8 design for $500.  So what do people do - they buy the 5/10-year old f/2.8 Canon/Nikon/whatever and put them on their camera with an adapter.  And hence "m43 lenses are expensive".  And depending on how you interpret things, your reaction to that is either "Yes, BUT! ..." or "No!, because!".  And here was have this thread.  I'm a "Yes, BUT!"; I'm sure the "No!, because!" folks will be along in a moment to say I'm clearly wrong.  :-).

The bottom line is I will grumble about the price; I will take longer before buying one but I did buy the 20mm lens.

2. What the next new lens for m43 you really want at the right price??

I just got back into m43 land with a GF5 so I think I'd rather have a GX2 body before a new lens.  That said I already mentioned the 20mm could use a mk2.

Were m43 not my backup system, I'd like a sub-$800 f/4 12-52 or a f/2.8-4 (variable is fine but no slower than f/4).  I don't think that's likely; for a DSLR that lens would be $750 to $1000 depending on who's name is on it.  It couldn't be more than $1000 though or it's stepping on the 12-35.

However, I don't have any plans to buy any other m43 lenses in the near term.  I have the 14-42 X and the 20mm pancake.  I'm only in m43 for pocketable options so ... maybe the 14 one day?  I like that lens.  The 7-14 is beyond my reasonable price range for a m43 lens, but the Samyang 7.5mm (which is also small) would be doable.  I have it's 8mm big brother on the Nikon and it's one of my favorite lenses.  Release a high-performance GX2, let me convert my GF5 to IR and then maybe I'll buy more lenses.

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