Is it worth selling my D3 for a D4?

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Re: Is it worth selling my D3 for a D4?

apaflo wrote:

But the big issue with sports is what happens when you shoot at a faster frame rate.  It isn't the exact rate that is an issue, but the buffer.  With a D3 or D3S you get something less than 20 RAW shots before things slow down while the buffer is written to the memory card.  The D3S has a slightly larger buffer and a slightly faster write speed, so it is just noticeably faster  to work with.

The D4 is simply astounding.  At the maximum frame rate you can hold the shutter release button down and it will shoot something like 50 exposures before it so much as hicups.  It will continue from that point on with a slightly slower frame rate!

The effect is that in practice it is very easy to overrun the buffer with either a D3 or a D3S, and then you are dead in the water for a bit.  It is necessary to be careful to save up some buffer space for a needed burst, and not managing it right will result in lost shots at a critical moment.  That just does not happen with the D4.

I have a D3S, buffer is 35 raw shots, and I can count on one hand the number of times I filled the buffer in the last three years.

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