Fujifilm X System suited as a travel/landscape camera

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Re: Fujifilm X System suited as a travel/landscape camera

Hi Nefeli,

Lots of advice here.  People have trekked in Nepal with every type of camera and every type of lens known to man. There is no 'right' kit and it depends on your preferences.  And if you're trekking very high - on your fitness and how much you want to carry.  Every pound hurts at 5000m.

WA views are spectacular but WA lenses push tall mountains to the rear of an image and diminish their imposing perspective.  I'd take one, but use it only modestly to ensure some change of perspective.  And don't forget, amidst all the talk of mountains, that the Nepalese are a wonderful people living a different lifestyle from your own and there are many portrait, architectural and human interest shots that will just jump out at you. If it were me, and this is just for me, I'd be taking a 14mm, an 18-55 zoom and one very small light longer lens.  Since the 55-200 isn't available yet, I'd be looking for an adapter and a small light DSLR lens - maybe a tiny 100/2.8 or similar.  If I was going to ditch one of the three it would be the 14mm, because you've got the 18mm.  If I was going to prune down to one lens, I'd just take the zoom.

And one last thought based on my own experience of Nepal.  Batteries......  The higher you get, the less available electricity there is to charge them, and there are irregular voltages, interrupted supply and varying plug pin arrangements.  Many rooms in little guest lodges en route have no power sockets at all - they may have only electric lighting.  And above the last towns, there may be no electricity at all.   May I suggest more than one spare battery, and make sure they're good ones - don't skimp and buy cheapies.  I'd also take adapters made to take current from both ES and bayonet light fittings - then you're not dependent on having the right power socket pins.......or any socket at all.  Charge in the dark while you sleep.  (And take a torch because you'll have the light globe out.......)

Enjoy it, cheers, Rod

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