First Week w/ 6D....from 5D Mk II

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Re: First Week w/ 6D....from 5D Mk II

24Peter wrote:

Powerdoc wrote:

The 6D is also less prone to banding. (test from Thierry Legault).

Let me say this (reduced banding) is welcome and frankly about time. But I don't believe it is a function of improved DR.

And just to be clear, I'm not bashing the OP. His interior apartment photos are very nice. I'm just not sure why he feels he couldn't capture similar images with the 5DII. Perhaps there are metering differences but that still wouldn't account for not being able to use a 5DII for these images.

DR is a way to measure/discuss a sensor's ability [or lack thereof] to capture detail in both the extreme highlights and shadows of an image. I get that window light in an interior RE photo is (and always has been) a challenge. But I would submit it's the OP's skill at lighting interiors that makes these photos good - not the 6D's DR.

In terms of what the reviews are saying, DxO has the 6D with a slight edge in DR over the 5DII; dpreview has the 6D at slightly less. Even if Dx0 is right, it's not enough of a difference to say the 6D is making photos the 5DII couldn't.

Now wait a minute here....I NEVER said that I couldn't get these shots with the 5DM2. I had the camera for almost 3 years and took almost 200,000 photos with it. I got great results from it after post processing. Now with the 6D, I am simply having to post process LESS. That is all I am saying.

When I post process, I do barrell distortion correction and even out the lighting and pull in the window details by blending. And of course your regular saturation and USM. But with the images from 6D, I rarely have to blend to get window details and evening out the lighting becomes much less work.

To me, DR improvement means just that. The camera is able to better capture the window details while keeping the interior failrly well exposed. Better able to handle the different extreme lighting conditions in an image. I maybe wrong.

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