Is professional photography dying out?

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Re: Is professional photography dying out?

Machine Gun Kelly wrote:

Business first, photography second.

When I was being trained by a successful photography studio owner, (she was a single female in her 50's), her work was mediocre at best. I was the one she would send out to shoot her weddings. My work was fresh and up to date. Hers was old and outdated. BUT, she was a top notch marketer and business owner. She belonged to  every local city chamber, group, organization, volunteered her time, did free work and she had business coming out of the ass. Everyone liked her because she was a cute single woman, went to organization breakfasts, luncheons, mixers and dinners and  was the bell of the party.

That's what it took for her to have oodles of clients. Not everyone can do that. I can't I'm not

a social butterfly and not come cute single woman. That was HER niche. And that is what marketing and connecting is all about to build your business. A combination of business AND artistic work.

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