when to change ink cartridge?

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Re: when to change ink cartridge?

Craig wrote:

Simon Garrett wrote:

Yes, I never replace a cartridge until it's empty.  I've had once (just once in many years) a print where it ran out of ink part way through the page.

With some earlier Epson printers (e.g. R1800) when you change an ink cartridge it used a huuuuuuuuuuge amount of every ink in recharging the head.  If for example the cyan goes but the yellow is about 1/8 full, then in recharging the new cyan it would empty the yellow, so it was worth replacing the empty cartridge and any others below about 1/8.  However, the R2000 seems to use very little ink on a head charge, and I don't replace any ink cartidge until the printer says I have to.

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Thanks for the info.. I will just let it run out..

Glad the r2000 is not as thirsty when replacing cartridges as the r1800.

You can wait, and even when the printer stops halfway between printing, you can replace on or more carts and the printer will continue without a hint of where it stopped.

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