Why I Prefer the E-5 over the OM-D

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If pris wrote:

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pris wrote:

Robert, the depth of your analysis IMO greatly exceeds what this exchange deserves. I'll limit my reply to two points.

It seems that the two points you've chosen to address are the two that really do the least to promote any sort of understanding.

Word "almost" still means "Not quite; very nearly" so attributing language barrier to our misunderstanding instead of erroneous use of the word is a bit of a stretch. Not even speaking about your guess of his meaning - how do you know he didn't just confuse and substitute it for "always?" Speaking three languages, I often encounter situation with so called "interpreter false friends" - words that sound intuitively familiar, or similar to something yet mean something different. Word "presently" would be one of the examples - 100% foreigners, no exceptions, use it as substitute for "currently." So, let's not turn it into linguistic analysis and leave it at the simple fact that there IS language barrier in this case, shall we?

You've sure managed to choose a bad example. If that's how those foreigners used the word presently, those foreigners would be 100% correct. I could say that I am presently looking for a job, or currently looking for a job and both would have the same meaning.

You really didn't have to read too far into my "analysis" to see that I agreed that there may be a language barrier, so that is not a point of contention. I could point out the fact that you've managed to contradict yourself in the first sentence versus the last sentence of the above paragraph but that doesn't stop me from knowing what you are trying to say.   My family is Haitian, Dominican and Jamaican so around my house there are people speaking Kreyol, French, Spanish and Patois. When some of my family members speak English, they say things far differently than what some may be used to hearing, but it doesn't make them impossible to understand, although it may take more effort.

Likewise, Vu's use of the word "almost" did not prevent him from being understood, nor change the fact that he was not calling anyone a fool, merely responding to bofos777's "don't fool yourself" statement. He also was not chiding him about how he chooses to spend his money, merely making the argument that there are cheaper, lighter and more effective tools than the e-5 for low light photography.

That "bitingly sarcastic reply" was referring to the fact that his entry offered very trivial advice to a very competent photographer. If a layman tells a NASA physicist not to forget Moon gravity when he calculates spaceship trajectory, do you tell him his advice is a bit inappropriate or do you start defending it because, indeed, Moon gravity should be taken under consideration? In my "I am sure he didn't think of that" I elected the former; I am afraid in your analysis you are doing the latter.

I'd love to hear from him, but I don't think his point was offering any advice, merely making the argument that in light of the fact that there are lighter, cheaper, and more capable options out there, the E-5 plus SHGs are probably not the best tool for the job of low light photography, a valid point. By the way, that point is born out in the current clamoring for an E-5 replacement.


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