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CHDK not available on the G15.

Thanks, CSPoole

The VERS.REQ trick is not CHDK dependent but won't work on the G15 because the two buttons you need to hold down are now on the 4 way controller making it impossible to select both at the same time.

That is unavailable to the G15. Thanks for the more information.


Yes, CHDK is not available for the G15 but the VERS.REQ trick has nothing to do with CHDK. This "trick" simply requires creating an empty text file named vers.req and copying it to the root folder of your SD card. I'm not sure why having this file on the card makes the camera behave this way.

A few years back I bought a PowerShot from a guy on craigslist, had my memory card with the file loaded and confirmed actual shutter count was right in the ball park. A handy thing to have when buying used gear.

Has nothing to do with CHDK?

Thank, CSPoole

Well, I suppose one of the CHDK developers might've stumbled onto this trick. But as a case in point: I used the VERS.REQ trick on my G10's before CHDK was released for them and it worked perfectly.

I'm hoping someone will try the ACID application and let me know if it works.

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