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RedFox88 wrote:

Carl Maiorino wrote:

...and that is where Thom Hogan's premise is wrong.  The cameras don't have a self-destruct mechanism that goes off on a certain date.

But unlike with film, you cannot get any improvement in image sensor quality without buying a whole new camera unlike buying different and/or update film for $8 a roll.  Compare that to $3000 for a 35mm dSLR, which is the equivelant to film SLRs.

Huh? With film cameras you change the image quality by rewinding the film into its cassette (after marking the frame count somewhere if you want to later use the same film) and replacing it with another film having a different ISO/ASA number. With digital cameras you just dial in the new ISO setting. What about color balance? With film cameras to come even remotely close to duplicating the flexibility of digital cameras you'd have to carry in your bag twice the number of film types, Tungsten and Daylight balanced film and probably a whole bunch of color filters.

You've also gone way overboard on your comparison to a $3,000 DSLR. For only $440 for a D3100 or $600 for a newer D3200 you have DSLRs that are not just the equivalent to film SLRs but two cameras that can easily produce better images than your 35mm film cameras. There aren't too many film cameras still available new. Canon has one, the last of the line EOS-1V (for $1,700) and Nikon has two, the crude FM10 ($309). It has only manual focus, manual metering and since it was introduced years before Nikon's VR was introduced, no stabilization, and it's incompatible with Nikon's latest G lenses, since they have no aperture rings. But for that $309 it comes with a Cosina made 35-70mm lens which is fitting, since the FM-10, like Canon's T60 and the Olympus OM-200 is based on the Cosina CT-1, not a very highly regarded camera. But it was cheap, and once upon a time you could fill it with a roll of Kodachrome.

There's also Nikon's very nice F6 which willwork with Nikon's latest lenses, VR and all. But it sells for $2,450 and most photographers that don't need a daily fix of stop bath fumes will prefer and get better results from the much less expensive D3100 and D3200. So which film cameras do you still use?

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