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Re: Many things are different

Roland Karlsson wrote:

SandyF wrote:

1. Sunlight wb and overcast wb I find different. Sunlight often for me is too yellow. I find really that auto wb + a selected colormode is usually better than just the wb and neutral colormode.

I am of course not experienced enough to have any real opinion. But, the images from Antonio looks the same at both sunlight and overcast.

2. Are you clicking on a 255 white spot? I think that's the best way of using the tool. Sometimes it gives me too extreme results, but I know the direction of color selection. For example, if it gave me 5M+5Y, I might find that I liked 2M+2Y better. Note you can usually move the colorwheel direction by keyboard arrows.... sometimes that doesn't work though. Seems to depend upon which photos I'm working on... and on which computer.

For example, the color adjustment was really easy in my DP2Merrill files from August 2012 at the Pacific coast. I had a neat bit of white in most photos... the breaking wave!

I am talking about the pipette just below "X3 fill Light", not the one at the color wheel. That pipette only affects "Exposure".

The color wheel pipette tries to make the thing you click at neutral grey.

I understand your point now....yes, that new tool just seems to move the exposure slider... which I usually do manually on the slider. Kind of weird it's there, unless there is something about it I too don't understand, ie if it makes any subtle adjustments other than what can be achieved on the exposure slider itself. I usually like to use exposure slider in conjunction with fill light slider. I usually don't go higher though than +.3 on fill light.

Best regards, Sandy (archival) (current)

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