Why buy a 6D instead of a 5Dmk2?

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Re: SD card speed IS important

mariadc wrote:

Y Hafting wrote:

The speed you get is depending on the SD card. You can get write speeds up to 40MB/s, not sure if it can be pushed further (The first test i did indicated more, but the test i did just now ended around 37-38MB/s). Using a 20MB/s write speed card will greatly increase the time waiting when the buffer is full.

as an example i did wait approximately 18 seconds after the first 14-15 frames (when the fps went down because bufefr is full) before storing was complete with a trancend SDHC (20MB/s write) card. Using a sandisk extreme pro (90MB/s write), i got 16-17 frames, and i had to wait 7-8 seconds for writing to the card to complete. The file size here were approximately 25,9 MB per frame.

The 6D raw file size can vary from around 20 to above 30MB/ frame (high iso), typically around 24MB. In comparison the 30D raw file size is around 6-10MB, typically 8. File size is definetely an issue, but it can be countered by reducing resolution (sraw/mraw) or using jpeg. In most situations, having a UHS-I card and not firing mindlessly, the camera will be ready to use when you need it.

I don't know where you got the idea that only one focal point can be used for servo. This is plain wrong. The 6D has 11 focus points, they can all be used in servo mode. If all focus points are selected, you should start out using the center point, but all will be in use for better tracking. The tracking settings are can be customized a lot more than the 30D can.

Among other settings, you can choose between AF focus vs fps (if this setting is set to prioritize focus, you risk waiting for perfect focus to be achieved when tracking and shooting high speed). If you select FPS, you will get the 4.5fps but perhaps not all images is in focus. The default is between, but when you look at a camera in a store, somone might have fiddled with this setting, and it will give you a totally different view of the cameras performance- if you are not aware of it.

There are also settings for selecting between steady motion and irregular motion just as with the 5D3, etc.

Although the AF sensor may not be a big leap from the 30D, (apart from the center point which is just that) the AF system as a whole is more sophisticated and more customizable.


My bad.  I hastily read the review linked below.  What the reviewer is saying is that 11 points aren't enough b/c of the gaps inbetween.  So it effectively works best with the center point b/c otherwise it loses the moving object between the points.

I'll try to correct it in my posts if it's not too late.  (ETA:  just checked - it's too late for me to edit it)


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The 6D servo performance is not worse than the 30D, but the 7D, 5DIII and 1DX are faster. For birding, those cameras should be considered before jumping on the 6D. 
The AF point spread is physically the same (or less because of 2 more points) as for the 30D. So anything you can do with the 30D will go with this camera, however you will (if available) use longer focal lengths to make the subject fill the frame- thus it is more likely you will have more focal points on your target with the 6D compared to the 30D. The exception is the typical birding scenario at the tele end when you need cropping, and the spacing matches the 30D because of the same physical size.


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