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Re: part 9 -- daylight indoor LvsM ISO ladder using GOOD settings

wymjym wrote:

Kim Letkeman wrote:

This is such a tiresome debate, but it makes sense to go through this again using what I have learned so far with the HS50's JPEG engine ...

So here you are ...


Note that M wins easily, as is always the case in a thorough and fair test

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the debate will continue (for me at least).....I generally save my XS1 files @ 1800 x ????, regardless if shot M or L size. I have seen evidence that L size can be sharper and more defined in certain situations but then just when I thought I had found the holy grail I'd find another shot (similar scene/lighting) and the M size was clearly better.

I believe that the fuji processing is the reason for my confusing observations.

I appreciate all of your time and effort.

If you applied the pksharpening to the L size in your last test....would that change the apparent advantage the upsized M is showing?

No ... the noise in the L shots (it's always there, sometimes just under the threshold of visibility) that is responsible for the issues with surfaces and edges sharpens really poorly.

For simple subjects with a lot of contrast (bringing noise floor far down) you can probably do ok with L size ... but the advantages -- when they exist -- are minor. The disadvantages pile up in a hurry and I personally see nowhere near an appropriate risk / benefit ratio there ...

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