I think Thom was right, again...

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instant gratification is not good

Instant gratification is not a good thing.  In fact I call this era, and the generation in school and college the Instant Gratification generation/era.  It leads people to put in less effort to work for goals, instead they use instant gratification to get what they want.  It leads to buying things that aren't needed (like every new iphone and digital cameras for instance).  It also leads to shorter attention spans which the world seems to  have now.  One bad thing is it has kids thinking they can "multi task" while studying which humans cannot multitask.  They text friends, chat on facebook, watch youtube videos instead of studying but they think they are studying and multitasking.  20 years ago you had to be on the phone with a friend in order to communicate.  So it was a whole lot easier to actually study then, and parents knew when you were on the phone by just picking up the phone, now they let their kids have their own cell phones, their own private line.  Unbeliveable!

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