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Poulsan wrote:

eawhitcomb wrote:

Last Christmas I decided to get myself a Sony A99 (first Sony ever) and I love it.  I did notice smudges on all my pictures.  I did the auto sensor cleaning in the A99 and that didn't work.  I watched YouTube videos of how to clean a sensor (it wasn't on a Sony) and it looked easy enough.  When I did the auto cleaning there was a box that popped up stating that if it didn't work to follow the instructions in the manual to do manual cleaning.  I cannot find instructions in the manual!

I ended up taking the camera to my local camera store and paid $50.00 for them to clean the sensor for me.  They couldn't find the instructions in the manual either, but one of the guys there knew how to clean it anyway.  However, in the interest of $50.00 for the store, they aren't showing me how to get the mirror up so I can get to the sensor.

Has anyone cleaned their own sensor and can explain to me how to do this?  I'm assuming I set for a while, but just in case, I'd like to be able to do this myself next time around.




Read the other replies for good advice on your problem. I myself use a rocket blower (just google it), it sucks air in from the bottom, so dust from the camera will not get sucked in and blown back to the camera.

I'm just curious as how you got it that much 'smudged' so you could see it on your images? Normally, I see a few speckles on my a900, and I see them only on occasion..what did you do with your camera?

Poul -- I have no idea how I got so much smudging on the camera.  I think it might have been there from the beginning.  Because I bought it in winter I haven't had many days to get out that were sunny.  I didn't notice the smudges in the cloudy skies, but once I had some sunny days I could see them.  Cleaning the sensor got rid of those two....still had 3 more on them mirror but using the rocket blower got rid of those (I think).  I went out today with the camera but it was cloudy again so I couldn't see any spots if they were there.

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