Photoshop upgrade no longer possible

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Re: Photoshop upgrade no longer possible

richardplondon wrote:

I haven't verified this myself, but this may help.

This is not free copies of CS2 - sorry to disappoint. It is just some special serial numbers for CS2, which cicrcumvent the usual piracy check.

AFAIK these were made available by Adobe specifically for the use of licensed owners of CS2, so they could continue as usual, when Adobe took down the licensing server for that product.

Here is where I get confused.  The poster to which I replied owns a legitimate copy of CS1 and Adobe had activated it in the pat.  Then Adobe took down the Activation server for CS1.  But Adobe apparently told the poster that he is SOL when he needed to reinstall CS1.

If you don't already own a CS2 license, and you install the software, and enter one of these licenses so as to use the software beyond the trial period - just so it is clear - you are pirating Photoshop.

OK, then what is Adobe doing when they say that owners of CS1 apparently no longer have a perpetual license?   Is this any kind of lawlessness?

There's still an EULA which requires you to have bought the software, and you don't get into the software unless you have clicked "Agree" to that.

Did the EULA for CS1 specifically say that the license was only good up until, say, 2012 and was invalid after that?

I haven't verified this either.


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