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Very useful link kerry, any suggestion about the more appropriate metering: matrix - center-weighted - spot? Thank you.

@Brandon, the subject is very very difficult to follow and goes from points with the right light to others where your settings are not the best and when is sufficently near you have to shot, no other choise.

I tried also the auto iso and the pictures seems better exposed but the quality is not good either at 800.

I will predominately use matrix metering for sports/wildlife shooting. But, that's because Matrix is what I know best.  All of my cameras are set for Easy Exposure Compensation, so when I can chimp, I can quickly adjust the EC.  Once I've done a few sets and know the setting I need for a direction that I'm shooting, I can dial the EC in while I'm shooting and panning with the camera.  When you're having trouble keeping the AF point on the bird, I can't imagine that spot metering would work well. Center weighted may work well for BIF.  I don't know. I don't do enough BIF to experiment.

Nikon says not to use EC with Matrix, IIRC, but I've always been able to make it work for me, so I've continued to use it.

Shooting BIF, where the bird changes direction quickly and often, is a low percentage type of shot, especially when you're trying to fill the frame with the bird.  When I have trouble keeping the AF point on the subject, I'll increase my DA AF points and frame the shot more loosely.  That's easier to do with a zoom than a prime.

I'm not sure what you're wanting for noise performance.  You have to have a shutter speed fast enough to prevent motion blur and you may need to stop down to get the proper focus, ie eyes in focus along with the wings.  Getting the closest wing tip in focus while the head and eye is OOF, doesn't make for a great photo, IMO.  If ISO 800 is the max comfort level for you, then you can set Auto ISO at that maximum and live with the limitations that brings.


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Very interested in this posting.  I have a D7100 and  I have trouble changing my Exposure.  I press the Exposure Compensation Button and use the main command dial but can't change settings from - to + or from + to - in certain situations.  Is it because I have the wrong settings?  I note that you use Easy Exposure Compensation.  What is this setting for?


Kerry, I'm new to the terminology used in photography.  What do the following abbreviations mean :

BIF,  Chimp,  IIRC, and DA.


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