My Riverwalk with an HX300

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Another HX300 Video---at 30X

This video showing vultures soaring was shot at about 30X and looks much better than those I did at 50X. But there's one moment when the autofocus blurs, which the HX200V didn't do under bright light conditions like this (or any conditions, actually). I had the video EV down to minus .7. On this model, the EV settings seem to carry over from a photo mode, when video is initiated from there. The stabilizer worked well with this scene and again, I was using just a 9-inch steadying-rod. If this camera had a professional-type tab system for restricting the parameters of focusing points and zooming ranges, it might be set to never go beyond 30X. Which might provide an improvement in video quality. Let's stretch that to 35X, which might still be in the zone of happiness. There have been many comments about the better photo quality of the 35X Canon SX40, over that of the SX50, with 50X.

Sony did some good things with the HX300. It eliminated some annoying features from earlier models, such as always reverting to the viewscreen when turning on and a double button push each time to put it back where it belongs, onto the EVF. The energy-consuming eye-sensor on the EVF is gone and so is the GPS. The new image-stabilizing system works very well. I like the larger size. If only they hadn't done some things so wrong, like trying to squeeze too much zoom power out of it. This seems as futile as getting blood out of that proverbial turnip. If they'd used the 12-MP sensor that they sell to Canon for their SX50, wouldn't that have given it a boost. A fine/superfine J-PEG encoding option would very likely have improved photo quality. This sounds like the story of my own life.

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