If you already have the 85 1.4D would you trade 'down' for the 1.8G + cash for other lenses?

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Re: No.

Emil Varadi wrote:

Because the 1.4D still has an edge in IQ over the 1.8G.

There are two types of people. Maximizers and optimizers. Optimizers would go for the best bank for a buck and buy 1.8G. aximizers, like myself will go all the way to the top even if that adds only a little and costs considerably more. (law of diminishing returns.) Only you know where you belong.

Just a little counterpoint here after owning 85 1.4D, 1.8D, 1.8G and spending some time to evaluate the 1.4G.

On my D800...

The 1.4D is STILL among the best lenses for portraits when you're looking for that flattering dreaming type of look. It's a unique type of rendering not shared by the newest G lenses, both of which are harder and more analytical.

The 1.4G is terrific and produces the best bokeh, easily on par with the older version. It's also sharper with superior micro contrast. The downside is it's unrelenting resolution is less flattering and there's something cold about it compared to the 1.4D.

The 1.8G is amazing. On my D800 it focuses a hair faster than the 1.4G, which means I can nail focus more often when shooting at wider apertures. It is every so slightly sharper than the 1.4G, though as you stop them down they are equal. The 1.4G's slightly better contrast can make some people think it is sharper, but if you carefully stuffy the details it is the 1.8G that exacts a slight resolution advantage. The issue for some on the 1.8G is the rendering is even colder than the 1.4G, some call it sterile. But this is really a matter of taste and I think the 1.8G is the better lenses regardless of the cost. What some call "sterile" I call "real" and "Honest." It's a lens that gets out of the way like few others can.

So....in the end the 1.8G is my current pick for best overall 85mm lens. 2nd place still goes to the 85mm 1.4D because it does a very different type of rendering that is more portrait-friendly for some tastes.

I absolutely love ALL of the 85mm lenses and all are 100% pro caliber optics. The differences are really a matter of taste rather than any difference in quality. I like the 1.8G and others like the old versions or the new 1.4G or even the Sigma. And that's with no consideration for price.


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