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Some thoughts...

Left justify so your adjustment pallet does not overlap....
I think this is simple enough and useful, see last paragraph.
I also agree with LM that SPP should not try to be like a photo suite. I still hold my thoughts on my other two suggestions: Levels and individual auto modes on each slider. I think that Levels is an essential part of the work flow and it should be done on the raw level for more reasons than saving time. And it could be levels adjustment on all three layers--All at once or individual R,G,B values.
There could be another factor in deciding what goes in SPP: Is this adjustment something that photographer's routinely use? I think anything that is routine for most photographers should be implemented in SPP. Cropping however is not part of every photographer's routine. I have never cropped any photo I ever did. I think it is a matter of approach, I frame how I want to take the photo so cropping is never entertained. And cropping is not something you would do with every photograph. Same with tints, this is not something that most photographers use with most of their photos.
And the suggestion in the UI for allowing the preview to be left, center or right justify-- On most screens the adjustment box will overlap part of the photo and this would not be an issue if you could left or right justify the preview.

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