I don't get good photos under sun, do you?

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Re: I don't get good photos under sun, do you?

Sunyguy wrote:

I have several guests in town and I wonder how can I get good photos under sun when touring them around. The photos I got usually had 2 problems: 1) color distortion – the color is just not true or vivid; 2) over exposure/under exposure.

Here was what I set my D600:

  1. Photo control – vivid
  2. White balance – auto
  3. Mode – manual, speed priority or aperture priority
  4. I use built-in flash for light compensation

If you have tips to take good photos under sun, can you share – how do you set Whited Balance, how do you control overall exposure when using flash for people, any other tips?

Thank you very much!

I would use neutral or standard picture style instead of vivid.  Harsh overhead sunlight is a high contrast scene, and vivid is a high contrast pic style.  You will end up with more blown highlights.

Auto WB works fine in sunlight, at least for me.

Using fill flash is good but make sure you have either have the focus point on the face, or use flash lock if you are recomposing.  Fill flash usually works reliably on the Nikon system.

Also, you can try using spot meter on subject's skin.  If you use matrix metering you need to account for the background lighting.  In my experience, if the area you are spot metering isn't larger than the focus point, it can do unexpected things at times.

Last thing isn't camera related- if you tour them early morning or late afternoon/ evening when the sun is low, your shots will turn out much nicer...:)

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