Suggestions/Tips needed for night time sky photography

Started Mar 30, 2013 | Discussions thread
uhligfd Senior Member • Posts: 2,763
Re: Suggestions/Tips needed for night time sky photography

You could :

1) search here or

2) go to your library and borrow a book; or

3) look at flickr etc for examples and discussions; or

4) wait till we reinvent the wheel, i.e., give you all the well documented information that wikepedia itself is full of or

5) just google !

No harm here, but just asking a broad question without any specifics is not a good way to gain knowledge. A bit of your own homework might be necessary here.

Otherwise: put camera on tripod, check that stars are out, expose and chimp the image you got, then adjust your camera parameters. This is as  easy as it gets to learn nowadays. Good luck.

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